Mortgage – not everyone can have the same conditions. It is difficult to find a mortgage that will be the best for everyone.

Banks adopt the terms of loans to the capabilities of a particular borrower, so many factors influence the final shape of the loan agreement. I will tell you how to improve your credit standing so that the conditions are the best and the mortgage is the cheapest.

Best mortgage – how to recognize the best offer?


The offer is uneven, and one bank may have much better credit terms than the other. How good a loan proposal is will be influenced not only by the overall cost of the loan but also by its “granting” or the speed of issuing a loan decision.

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There are several factors that determine whether you will generally get the cheapest mortgage possible. Certainly, the interest rate on the loan will affect the installment.

It consists of the margin (it is good to keep it as low as possible) and the GFIC rate. It is also worth analyzing the costs of commission or additional insurance. Credit costs may also include a fee for the valuation of the property or other activities that are on the bank’s side.

If the bank requires you to decide on additional, paid products, such as a personal account or credit card, then add them to the total cost of the loan.

Best mortgage – how to apply?

Best mortgage - how to apply?

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The first stage in applying for financing is choosing a specific property. Then determine how much money you will need extra (e.g. for finishing work). Count which own contribution you can declare.

Then find out your creditworthiness, look at the bank offers and choose the one that will prepare the best offer for you. If you have ever had problems paying your debts, check your history at GFI.

Fine Bank mortgage – the most interesting offers on the market


Fine Bank has a good mortgage offer today. You can spend it on buying a flat, plot or a house. One of the biggest advantages of this offer is not only high granting, speed of issuing decisions and long loan period, but also relatively low costs.

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The commission for granting a mortgage can be up to 0%, there are no additional fees for early partial repayment of liabilities, and fees for other activities are attractive in relation to the offers of other banks (e.g. for an annex to the contract, drawing up and sending a repayment schedule, etc.). It can be said that for many people this will be the best mortgage.

Good Finance – mortgage


Equally popular is the mortgage loan available from Good Finance. What is its uniqueness? First of all, the bank offers very attractive price conditions and allows you to finance up to 90% of the property value. It can be intended not only for purchase but also for e.g. modernization or renovation of real estate.

It has a free promise (valid for 60 days) for its customers and applies a simplified system of assessing the credited property if its value does not exceed USD 300,000 – it significantly speeds up the entire procedure.

Mortgage – what else is worth knowing about creditworthiness?

Mortgage - what else is worth knowing about creditworthiness?

The most important criterion for assessing whether a given potential bank customer can receive funding is determining its creditworthiness.

It consists of checking whether the potential borrower will be able to pay the installments on time. Remember that your credit standing can be increased – learn how to increase your chance of a loan.

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