The high interest in credit cards has forced banks to compete in developing variations of their credit card features. Starting from discounted prices to collecting traveling points.

With a variety of credit card features, customers can consider what features are suitable for their buying behavior, so that they get the maximum benefit from the credit card provider. One of them is credit card according to gender.

There are differences in shopping behavior between men and women. If men buy more items in the form of tools and distribute their hobbies, women tend to shop for household needs, fashion products, and beauty products.

Furthermore, about what credit card features match the millennial women’s shopping behavior. Therefore, see the description of creative credit card features developed by the banks below.


Discounted Prices

Discounted Prices

Most women like to shop. Therefore, this feature is considered suitable for a variety of millennial women’s personalities. With so many discounts offered, you can shop at will with small to very large discounts.

In addition, credit card promos can be used anywhere and anytime. So, you don’t need to worry about losing the credit card feature when you have to travel abroad. With a credit card, the bank will change the bill into the original currency automatically. You only need to choose a credit card provider such as Visa or MasterCard to be able to use it.


Cashback Offers

This feature offers cash back on every transaction made so that you have the opportunity to hunt for other valuable items. This cashback offer is very similar to a discounted price. The difference is, you will get some money; which is a discounted price, when shopping. In addition to varying amounts, the cashback value has also been predetermined. Therefore, look for information about credit cards that offer this feature to enjoy its benefits.


Reward Points

Point rewards have become very popular, because they can be exchanged for various attractive prizes. From free rides to overseas tour packages! This feature system is similar to door prizes, only having to shop multiple times to get the accumulated points. Point reward is very useful when making credit cards as the main transaction tool.


0% Installment Program

A very suitable feature for millennial women who love to shop. If you pay attention, there are many companies, both e-commerce and other companies, which offer 0% installments for credit card users. In addition, the 0% installment program on certain credit cards can also be used by women who have children.

By using a credit card, you get three months of interest-free installments for payment of school fees. Of course this is very profitable considering you do not need to pay interest at all to repay the goods and pay the bills you want.


Airport Lounge Features

Airport Lounge Features

This feature is very beneficial for credit card users who often travel abroad. Because, if ordinary passengers have to pay additional fees to be able to enter this room. Travel-based credit card users get free access to the free Airport Lounge or airplane lounge. In addition, you will get free snacks and food in this room.


Discovery & Experience

One more advantage for travel-based credit card users. With this feature, you will get easy access to online travel bookings. Not only that, credit card users also have the opportunity to get special travel packages and travel insurance up to $ 1 billion.

Maximize the Benefits of Credit Cards

Credit cards do offer a lot of benefits. Ranging from discounts to travel insurance. However, the decision to use a credit card shows your readiness to pay some additional fees. To work around this, you should take advantage of the benefits offered as much as possible in order to profit.

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